Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Roadtrip Day 033

Roadtrip Day 033
8/9 Monday
Well today was a lot more eventful than some of the lazy days I’ve blogged. Grab a delicious adult beverage and take a ride with me.
We were up early (for me) and on the road from Aspen Campground in the Bridger Mountains by 8. Stopped in Bozeman for ice for the ice chest, propane for the propane tanks, and chocolate milk for me. One of my favorite road foods. Done with our Bozeman chores, we grabbed the I-90 back to US. 89 South. Bye, Bozeman. We enjoyed you very much.
And bye, Montana, we enjoyed you very much. We were now transitioning to Wyoming as we entered Yellowstone. It’s an awfully popular park and we were in a pretty long line to get in. However, coming in from the North on 89, the first campground we came to is Mammoth (Hot Springs) and they had sites available.
Stop the presses! I’m writing this about 7pm after dinner. Ronnie calls me from outside to “come see.” There are four elk within 20 yards of our campsite – two females and two males. We watched them forage for 15 minutes or so as they worked their way uphill from us. Ronnie took several photos and we finally retired to the trailer and left them in peace. Very elegant creatures. Very beautiful.
So, anyway, there were campsites available at Mammoth so we got in line for one. The guy in front of us was sooooo slow and decision-making impaired that the ranger saw that Ronnie had our forms all filled out and she said, “Take 24.” I think the ranger was especially happy with us because the guy was all-but blocking traffic with his huge 5th wheel and we had politely gotten around him and parked where we were supposed to in order to check in.
Campsite 24 is a very nice one, well situated, convenient to services (bathrooms and water), and as isolated as campsites get in crowded park campgrounds. Very, very nice. Thanks, Ranger!
After setting up, we popped over to the Mammoth Visitor Center. A full-service area, with gas, groceries, restaurant, hotel, oh yes, and a visitors’ center. We toured the Center, mailed some postcards at the post office, then walked to the area with all the other services. We’ll probably be getting some groceries there in the near future.
After walking around, we got in the car and drove to the loop road around the Upper Terraces. There are walking trails around the Lower Terraces but it was midafternoon and hot, so we did the driving loop today. We can walk the lowers tomorrow early when it’s still cool. The views and vistas were amazing. Steaming hot pools and waterfalls, creating humped, brightly colored sheets of “flow”, similar to what you see in caves. But with steam boiling off the pools and waterfalls. Impressive and amazing.
After that, we took the road out to Tower Falls. Impressive scenery, bizarre rock formations of various kinds, and beautiful falls. It was a worthwhile drive. After that, we returned to our campsite for dinner and blogging and that’s when we had the BREAKING NEWS above.
Now, it’s about an hour until the evening ranger talk in the campground amphitheater, so I’m gonna close this out for today and do some chores and evening prep, then hit the amphitheater. I love ranger talks.
Later, ‘gators.


  1. Am I right in thinking you are 700 miles from home ish? I've been following on Google maps as I'm not familiar with the area.

    Do you have a rough route outlined?

    1. Hi, Katie,

      We've wiggled around but Yellowstone is probably about in that distance neighborhood from Seattle.

      Sorry to be slow in responding but we only get to where we have wifi once in a while and even then it's usually a slow connection.

  2. Am I right in thinking you are 700 miles from home ish? I've been following on Google maps as I'm not familiar with the area.

    Do you have a rough route outlined?

  3. We have no specific plan.except we'll probably meet Chloe and her friend Casey in San Diego in the middle of September. Otherwise, we're just going to beautiful places and staying North while it's still nice. Soon enough, it will be a snowed in Frozen Hell on Earth in thsi region and we'll be cruising the Southwest where it will be starting to cool off from being Hot Hell of Summer in the desert.