Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roadtrip Day 036

Roadtrip Day 036

8/13 Thursday

Travel day!

We’re scheduled to meet the Burtons near the Tetons at the Gros Ventre campground on Friday, so we’re breaking camp and travelling today in order to get set up and have a rest day after all our Yellowstone activity.

After breakfast we broke camp in a leisurely fashion because we allowed ourselves today for travel and had no need to rush. We were still done by 10:30, half an hour ahead of checkout time. Started on down the road to say goodbye to many of the sites we enjoyed. Passed Norris and all the lovely geysers. Bye! Passed the paintpot site. Bye! Passed Old Faithful. Bye! Crossed the Continental Divide three times in the course of half an hour. Phew! And then it was the fairly straight shot down to the South entrance. Bye, Yellowstone! You were pretty fucking awesome.

Pretty much right out of Yellowstone we were into the Tetons area. Cruising down the John D. Rockerfeller Parkway we soon came to the views which make the Tetons so special. Magnificent rugged vistas. We left the main road and took the little loopish road closer to the mountains. Very impressive and majestic.

Found our way to the Gros Ventre campground and got a site. Set up in the broiling afternoon heat and decided we needed an airconditioned ride into Jackson to get groceries. Yes, honestly, mostly to cool off.

Guess it was rush hour plus tourist hour. Fuck Jackson! Ack! Trying to find the Albertsons, we passed Carolyn Winkler’s old stomping grounds (the Library). That was amusing. We eventually found the Albertsons and stocked up on important food items – you know, Coke, Hostess fruit pies, cookies, etc.

Traffic was much improved returning to the campground. Thank the gods of the high places for that. Settled down with an Albertsons rotisserie chicken and some potato salad in the coolth of our screenroom extension off the trailer. The setting of the sun brought lovely coolness and we read for a while before settling in for an early night.

Thus endeth travel day.

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