Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roadtrip Day 037

Roadtrip Day 037

8/14 Friday

Weather report threatened 90 as the high today but there is a HUGE stormfront moving in over the Tetons. It’s cloudy and grey over us now (11:30) and thunder is cracking  in the near distance. I suspect we’ll be closing up for storm conditions soon.

Here it is. We’re sitting comfortably in our tent trailer with the windward side closed up but the leeward side wide open and letting in the beautiful smell of the fresh rain, as I sit here typing in my Seahawks jersey on Blue Friday, plus (preseason) game day. Go, ‘hawks!

Coming down hard now. Smacking off our hard roof and thumping off the tent ends. A unique and wonderful aesthetic.

After the rain passed, the sun came back and it probably did hit 90. I felt like I was in the sci-fi novel “The Long Afternoon of Earth.”  Then as evening came on, the thunder and lightning came up over the horizon again. When the Burtons arrived, they were setting up in the edges of it. But they did arrive and get set up and we repaired to our tent trailer for them to have some dinner. We all shared some wine and chatted into the night.

More tomorrow.

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