Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roadtrip Day 038

Roadtrip Day 038

8/15 Saturday

After breakfast, we sat with the Burtons and chatted. And chatted. Suddenly, it was lunchtime, and we pooled some snacky foodstuffs, including shrimp and sushi. It was not a minimalist snacky lunch.

After lunch… well, we chatted. And chatted some more. A lovely, hot sunny day but being in the shade was perfect. Again suddenly, it was dinnertime. Jinger made a big pot of shrimp-linguine-something “spicy linguine” and it was delicious. Some sips of Don Julio tequila got us in the mood for dinner and afterwards Lebron made a lovely fire where we roasted marshmallows, ate chocolate eclairs, and chatted some more as the night cooled and the stars shone down on the righteous and the evil-doers alike. Not completely sure which category we fall into but we enjoyed the stars nevertheless. Eventually, we were all tired and we let the fire go down rather than feed it and finally wandered off to bed, where I snuggled deep into my sleepingbag against the chill.


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