Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roadtrip Day 039

Roadtrip Day 039

8/16 Sunday

I confess I slept badly and was slow and grumpy on waking. Ronnie had tea and blueberry muffins waiting for me and I sat zombie-like working my way through that when Lebron walked up and asked if we were awake and ready to see a moose.

Ok, that perked me up a bit, enough to stand and walk out toward the river with Ronnie, following Lebron to Jinger, who was keeping track of mister moose. And it was Mister Moose. His rack was about 4 feet across and still mostly in velvet with just a few points rubbed down to shiny white. He was sitting in brush, eating his way through the easy-to-reach morsels.

We watched him sit there for a while from about 25 yards away until he stood up and moved deeper into the brush toward the river. We walked downriver a way and came to a spot right by the water where we could see him, standing now, snacking for energy for the upcoming rut. We watched quietly, enjoying seeing him and very much enjoying seeing him with just the four of us. No one else in camp noticed or came out to join us. That was very nice.

We finally left him in peace and returned to camp. Jinger and Lebron had to checkout/leave by 11 so we kibitzed while they broke camp. Jinger left us with a list of cool things to do in this area; she’s a long-time expert visitor and knows all the tips and tricks.

Bye, friends, it was a delightful visit.

Some lunch now for energy, then we’re gonna reorganize the car which has become archaeological in its layered lack of organization. Ronnie has already begun, I’m eating early lunch to recover from my slow, low-energy start this morning. I’ll join her soon.

We started the trip with the car organized in a certain way. As we progressed into bear country, we started piling stuff on top of stuff randomly, things that needed to be in the fully-hard-sided car instead of the popup tent trailer. That’s why I said it was kind of archaeological; it was just layers of stuff from different eras of our travels. We just finished emptying the car and reorganizing from scratch to allow for putting all the food-related things that would ordinarily live in the trailer into the car in an accessible way. Seems much better now.

When we move out of bear country, we’ll move stuff back into the trailer. It’ll make food-related activities easier and there’ll be less stuff to dig through in the car. The pragmatics of bear-country camping in a less-than-fully-hard-sided camper are kind of a PITA. But it’s just a little extra time and we have that in abundance. And, after all, who wants to get eaten by a bear? Pas moi, merci! So, we adhere to bear safety regulations.

The moose was fucking awesome.

As for my legionaries, they have 50K words under their/my belt and are moving into Chapter 13 where they hope to move to a new, better, safer, less odorous site. After all, their current cavern is above a field of approximately 300 corpses which are now several days old. Peeee-yew! Dead skunk in the middle of the road ain’t got nothing; on that.

We closed out the day with a sunset drive to the Gros Ventre slide. (We’re in the Gros Ventre Campground, in case I haven’t mentioned that.) The entire drive out that way East we could look back West and watch the sunset behind the Tetons. Fabulous sunset color palette behind the imposing silhouette of an incredible mountain range. Then returning, of course, we were looking right at it as the sun disappeared and the backlit mountains amazed us until we got back to camp at almost full dark.

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