Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roadtrip Day 040

Roadtrip Day 040

8/17 Monday

Day 40. Wow! Tempus fugit so we’re gonna carpe diem today. Breakfast, sunshine, and we’re hitting the road to explore this beautiful area.

Drove out to the Rockefeller Center and hiked the loop trail to the lake. There had been a bear on the trail earlier but they were reopening it as we got there. Very pretty hike and the view of the mountains behind the lake was lovely.

When we got back to the center, we visited it. Great architecture and interesting video and audio exhibits. Ronnie said she’d like to visit the audio chamber every morning for zen meditation time. Leaving there, we headed toward Wilson where Nora’s restaurant had been recommended but we were too late for lunch and too earl for dinner; so we cruised back through Jackson and stopped at the Merry Piggies (Mexican) restaurant, another recommended stop, for margaritas. I mean, for a late lunch – early dinner. Wandered the upscale, tourist-trappy town center to let the alcohol wear off. Finished with ice cream in the park then headed back to camp.

A little generator time, a little blogging, and I think it’s early to bed for me.

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