Saturday, August 22, 2015

Roadtrip Day 042

Roadtrip Day 042

8/19 Wednesday

Got started early to beat the crowds and went to hike at String Lake and Leigh Lake. We started the day in warm clothes but stripped down to shorts and short shirts to hike. However, it stayed chilly. Thanks goodness we kept warmer shirts in the daypack.

Got passed by a family on horseback as we progressed along the String Lake trail. Big difference between privately-owned and well-maintained horses vs. commercial trail horses. Beautiful animals. Striking vistas as we walked along the trail. On the way back, some folks told us of a bear sighted “up the trail” but we didn’t see her.

Interestingly, the first day we arrived the atmosphere was crystal clear and the mountains were as sharply in focus as anything. But every day since then, we’ve had significant haze. From the highway, they’re almost obscured. Very different from our views on arrival day.

Reasonably clear from the lake(s), however, and we spent a pleasant time with String and then Leigh lake. After our hike, we headed North a bit to the campground/center area for SHOWERS! ($4.25 – no time limit) That was the highlight of the day for me.

We cruised back to our camp and decided to have an early dinner. Some chicken thighs on the BBQ and rice and broccoli on the stove. Now it’s 5:30ish and we’re running the genny and digesting while I type this. Thinking about leaving tomorrow.

More news on that as we decided.

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