Saturday, August 22, 2015

Roadtrip Day 043

Roadtrip Day 043

8/20 Thursday

Travel day.

We spent a lotta hours trying to decide how/when/where to go from Gros Ventre and the beautiful Tetons. Ronnie mapped out several possibilities with bunches of campgrounds marked. We finally decided to start South, generally toward Dinosaur National Monument and make choices at each decision point as we came to it. South it is. We folded our tent (trailer) casually and eased on down the road.

The Tetons elected to give us a fabulous sendoff by lining the road from the campground with a large bison herd. Lotsa cute babies; we even saw one actively nursing just a few feet from the road. Stop and go traffic as they occasionally crossed the road with no thought to vehicular traffic. Delightful and impressive.

As we rolled, we decided to head down the efficient path toward Dinosaur. Scenery changed from mountains to plains-ish as we progressed but the damned haze continued. Rangers said it was from all the fires West of here but, DAMN!, that’s a lotta haze over a whole lotta territory. After a lazy breakdown and departure, we weren’t sure we wanted to go all the way to Dinosaur in one day; but as we got closer, we decided to just go for it and try to get a site at the campground in the park.

Scenery was lovely the whole way. First, leaving the beautiful mountains, then the vast vistas across open or bluffy territory, then the mountainous, layered terrain and the amazing views of Flaming Gorge as we closed in on the park. We arrived about 7pm and asked the ranger at the gate if the Green River campground had openings. (Oh please!)

Yes! Hooray!

We drove around the whole campground and chose a spot in the shade of a coupla cottonwoods, with the Green River to the East, a bluff to the West, and a fabulous view of the amazing geology of Split Mountain to the North.

And it was warm!

By this time of day all through Washington, Montana, and Wyoming, we’d be in our Winter clothes with the trailer completely closed up. Here in the Green River campground, we set up in our shorts. It was wonderful. Also, we are now out of bear country. We can leave food, dishes, toiletries, garbage, etc. in the tent trailer. Much easier living than the constant back and forth between the trailer and the car to stow things in the approved bear-safe manner.

We sat outside in our shorts and played some guitar as we watched the night fill in. A curious rabbit sat very close and watched us for a while. He finally departed, casually, at “Rockin’ in the Free World”. Guess my voice on that one was too intense. (grin) A quick dinner, then bedtime at a park with many fond memories of previous trips.

Sweet dreams.

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