Saturday, August 22, 2015

Roadtrip Day 044

Roadtrip Day 044

8/21 Friday

Slept in, lazed around, then headed to the Visitors’ Center and the quarry. I am always amazed at the sight of all those fossilized bones in one place. And to walk up and touch fossilized bone in situ is very exciting. Nowadays, all cars are required to stay at the Visitors’ Center and take an open sided cart up to the quarry. There’s a hike down from the quarry to the Visitors’ Center called “Fossil Discovery” which sounded fun. So after we enjoyed the quarry, we took the cart back down, got our hiking boots and a camelback, took the cart back up, and hiked the trail. Hot, hot, hot. But we saw fossil bones in bas relief in the rock and some petroglyphs left by peoples of the past, including “Tommy” from the 20th century and a few other assholes.

I got a little heat exhaustion doing that. We got in the car, cranked the airco, and drove out East a way to a homesteader cabin which was inhabited into the 1960s. Several petroglyphs out that road. They’re fascinating.

Eventually back to the campground where Ronnie babied me with cool cloths, water (Ugh!), and spray-downs, while I recuperated. As evening came on, we sat outside under the cottonwoods and read a bit. A ranger came around, reminding us of her talk that evening, so we went to that. After the ranger talk, it was getting on toward full dark; so we had some dinner and crashed.

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