Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Roadtrip Day 045

Roadtrip Day 045

8/22 Saturday

After a comfortable, long night’s sleep, I woke with a delicious glass of cold Ovaltine. We’re writing a bit (gotta keep those legionaries moving!), then we’re thinking we’ll drive around to the North side to Jones’ Hole, which is supposed to be beautiful, then into town to hit the museum there and score some groceries.

Skipped Jones Hole and hit the museum. It was pretty nice. Some of their models and art were outdated but some were very current. From there, we sat in the county library for a good while doing wifi: blogs, email, facebook, new library books, etc. Then a grocery trip and back to camp.

Only to find that we were less than an hour from a ranger talk by the granddaughter of the guy who did all the original digging here. So we did a quick New York steak on the BBQ and sautéed some mushrooms in butter on the stove, wolfed it down, and made it to the ranger talk in time.

Fascinating talk. Maybe I’ll hit some highlights tomorrow. Right now, it’s late because at the talk we heard that there would be a star talk and telescope event starting at 9:15 at the boatlaunch campground not too far away. So, we went to that. That was very fun. Some big, expensive telescopes were there. Had a great viewing of Saturn. Watched the ISS fly by. Had a fun talk about the constellations from various mythologies.

We also found out there’d be a talk at the Visitors’ Center at 5 pm on Tuesday by a paleontologist who’s been working here since the 70s and who discovered two new species while working here. Gotta schedule attendance at that.

A glass of cold Ovaltine to bookend my day while I type this little bit, then bedtime. Been a long day.

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