Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Roadtrip Day 046

Roadtrip Day 046

8/23 Sunday

Woke, fortified with oatmeal, and headed over to Colorado and out to the Harper’s Corner hike. We were early enough that it was not hot and there were few people on the trail. Lovely hike along the ridge out to the point where you look down at the confluence of two rivers in tight, windy canyons almost a mile below. Amazing geology and scenery.

Back to the Visitors’ Center there, which is a *very* secondary one. Had a nice chat with the ranger on duty, looked around, then headed back to camp. Three Rs for the afternoon, then some genny time, dinner, and blog updates. Fresh asparagus were tasty.

Met some homeschoolers who are in a campsite near us. The teenager had a small telescope. It’s too bad they didn’t arrive a day earlier; he could have attended the star party of last night where there were a coupla BIG scopes. Oh well…

We’re both tired, so I’m gonna call this bedtime.

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