Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Roadtrip Day 047

Roadtrip Day 047

8/24 Monday

Today is our 25th (wedding) anniversary! What will today bring?

Well, it’s starting with a lazy, late wakeup and a casual, slow breakfast. It’s also the day where we have hardpoints in our future schedule, rather than our usual, indeterminate gallivanting. (Apologies to Katie Pybus for stealing her identifier. *wink*) We’ve just scheduled ourselves to meet Ronnie’s mom, Mary, in Lost Wages, New Vader (aka Las Vegas, Nevada) for a coupla days, starting on September 1. We also now have a plan to meet Chloe and her friend Casey in San Diego on the 14th for a week. It feels so *rigid*. (grin)

Today, during and after breakfast, I composed the next post in my series of “Katrina plus 10” posts (series titles: K+10 *something*), a post about our anniversary then, just days before Katrina. Memories.

Ronnie started her day after breakfast with some time under the sunshower. Its water was a bit chilly for me right now. I’ll wait until the sun’s been heating that sucker a while longer before I have my “anniversary shower”.

We’re planning a night hike tonight. Should be interesting and beautiful. Clouds and wind threatened rain but it never materialized. I took my shower in the heat of the afternoon and it was good. Genny and electronics time now, then dinner, and finally night hike.

Yep, we did the night hike. It was beautiful in the moonlight or twilight moonlight when the clouds covered Luna from our sight. 11:00pm now. Very tired. Goodnight.

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