Monday, August 31, 2015

Roadtrip Day 048

Roadtrip Day 048

8/25 Tuesday 

Hmmmm, refrigerator was warm this morning. Messing with the propane feed, I’m suspecting that the thermocouple is bad. Gonna hafta watch that and find a shop sometime to get it repaired. Don’t think I wanna tackle that myself. Meanwhile, we can use 12-volt to power it and/or use the ice chest. The fridge can work on propane, 12V DC, or 120AC. Unless we’re plugged in somewhere, we rarely use AC to power it. Propane is easiest and cheapest, rather than worrying about the deep-cycle batteries and charging them, except if it’s not working consistently…. Well, then, that’s a different story. Anyway, that’s our real-life PITA issue for today.

Headed into town today to hit the library for wifi and grocery for food. Food called to us from the depths of our souls and we sopped first a a little café. Breakfast for lunch. Yum! And a generous farmer-style breakfast, it was. Fortified, we hit the library and logged on. Our only consideration was getting back to the ranger station for 5:00pm for a talk by a long-time paleontologist at Dinosaur.

I got done with my online stuff and prompted Ronnie to go, even though it was early. I said we could shop the grocery slowly. However, when we got in the car, we realized we’d been keeping time by our computers which were still set to Pacific Time. Shit! We had to hurry to get back to the Visitor Center in time for the talk.

Made it just a few minutes late. Fascinating stuff. I wish I’d recorded it. He talked about one proto-dinosaur I *must* find out about. Of course, I forgot its name promptly and will have to research it. It sounded amazing.


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