Monday, August 31, 2015

Roadtrip Day 049

Roadtrip Day 049

8/26 Wednesday

Ronnie woke early and did the trial we’d done as a night hike a couple of days ago. I stayed home and enjoyed the cool, grey morning skies. Threats of rain today. Got a coupla spits but nothing significant. Ronnie got back from her hike safely and had a little sunshower action to get her ready for lunch.

Still cloudy and spitty as we push into the afternoon. I’ve taken to adding a teaspoon of pink lemonade powdered mix into a Shasta Twist (lemon-lime carbonated beverage). Very refreshing .

The campground is mostly empty and it’s nice to have a quiet afternoon of Camping R’s. Let’s see what those legionaries are up to while I get some charge on my laptop from Mister Generator.

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