Monday, August 31, 2015

Roadtrip Day 050

Roadtrip Day 050

8/27 Thursday

Some rain last night. Kept things cool. Sunny and hot today. We made some plans about what to do next, then did some Three R time under the shade of the trees. We decided that we’ll break camp tomorrow and move on down the road a bit to somewhere new.

Still looking ahead to September 1 in Las Vegas for a few days, September 14 in San Diego for a week or so, and the beginning of October for the Free To Be Unschooling Conference in Phoenix.

A very rigid schedule for people who’ve been wandering for 50+ days.

Ha! Writing this now on Friday morning.

Last night sometime after 7 as the evening was burgeoning, we talked about dinner and stochastically decided to drive into Vernal to try the Quarry Steakhouse, which a ranger had recommended as the best place to eat – in Vernal. An important distinction. We arrived for an 8pm seating (They close at 9.) and, given their steakhouse cachet, I tried a ribeye. It wasn’t a Metropolitan Grill wagyu piece of beef but it was very tasty and only about 1/4 the price of a similar steak from the Metropolitan Grill. Ronnie had a coupla specialty beers and I had a glass of decent Merlot and we even got dessert, finishing up as they were closing. Drove back to camp in the brilliant moonlight, shining off the river, highlighting the mountains. A delightful evening.

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