Monday, August 31, 2015

Roadtrip Day 052

Roadtrip Day 052

8/29 Saturday

Wakeup after 9. Desultory breakfast of tea and cream-cheese breakfast rolls. Nearly 10 now and we’re gonna flip a coin to decided what to do. Stay tuned.

Coin flip decides it – we move. However, we both reacted with an “Aw shit!” to that, so we’re gonna stay one more day. We’ll definitely move tomorrow, despite our laziness. Really.

Now, I’m gonna finish my blogpost about K-Day (the day Katrina hit) for my “K+10 *something*” series. I started it yesterday and had to stop for a while. The memories well up too strongly and are almost overwhelming. I have to write about it in small sips from the well of memory to avoid drowning. I am not a strong swimmer in the Emotion Ocean. I need emotional SCUBA gear. Diazepam, maybe?

Ha! Amusing parenthetical anecdote. Ronnie just saw that cousins Tom and Deb were taking my uncle Morrie (Tom’s dad) to a WWII reunion with his shipmates in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, it was last weekend. Otherwise, we might have jumped in the car to see them. About a 3-hour drive from here to Salt Lake. Timing is everything. Woulda been nice to see them.

We spent the afternoon at Placid Point, signpost #8 on the main road. A short walk from a small parking place to a wide beach across from a bluff and canyon. We headed down with food, drink, beach chairs, towels, kindles, and our sunshade. Set up the sunshade at the edge of the water and sat with our feet in it. Ronnie, of course, got all the way in. Swam across and explored the far shore. Walked way upstream and floated back down. I enjoyed having my feet in the water and read my kindle in the lovely breeze under the sunshade.

Actually, there were a coupla time the lovely breeze took the sunshade and turned it into a kite. Eventually, we got the proper angle to the wind and sufficient stakes to keep that sucker in place. Amusing in retrospect.

Headed back to our campsite at 5ish only to be radared by the traffic rangers who gave me a stern talking to for doing 65 in a 45; but no ticket, so, PHEW!

Running the genny, charging things, and updating this now. Then some dinner and another lovely evening here at Dinosaur. Our last. *sigh*

We built a fire and roasted marshmallows. Yum! Sat by the fire and watched the moon rise. Then bedtime. Goodnight, Moon.

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