Monday, August 31, 2015

Roadtrip Day 053

Roadtrip Day 053

8/30 Sunday

Travel day.

Casual camp breakdown in occasional sprinkle. Bye, Dinosaur. You were lovely.

Cruising West on U.S. 40 toward the I-15. Mixed sun and rain. Airco in the sun, ambient in the overcast or rain. MacDonalds for lunch. C’mon! It’s easy and cheap. Drive thru and keep on rolling. Stopped for the night at Lodgepole Campground right at a pass at around 8K feet.

We did a simple, quick setup cuz we have an appointment at a branch of our bank in Provo tomorrow, 8/31; so in the morning, we’ll break camp efficiently and cruise into Provo to TCB. Maybe do some laundry, etc. while we’re there. Anyway, then, we’ll head down the I-15 toward Vegas and the meetup with Ronnie’s mom on Tuesday, 9/1. Probably camp somewhere near Vegas Monday night before cruising in Tuesday. Stay tuned for the actuality.

Expecting a chilly night at this altitude. Oh, and BTW, we’re back in bear country at this campground. But it’s just black bears. Shit! Dey ain’t nuthin’. Minimal prep. I told Ronnie in my best Caribbean accent, “No prob-lem, Mon! I kick dat bear’s ass, ya know!” She just shook her head at me. She loves me very, VERY much. (grin)

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