Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 054

Roadtrip Day 054

8/31 Monday

Travel day.

Wow! Got pretty chilly at this altitude and we had a HUGE rainstorm during the night. The camp  host said to watch for moose cuz they frequented the campground but we didn’t see any. No bears, either.

We broke camp and drove down to Provo. Laundry and lunch, then our bank stuff. OMFG! We had to have some stuff notarized. We got the original crazy OCD woman for a notary. It was kind of amusing in retrospect but it took twice as long as it needed to with all her fiddling. She’d take a stack of mixed papers – legal and 8.5X11 an shuffle them. Turn 90 degrees and shuffle. Turn another 90 (now 180 from original) and shuffle, making all the 8.5X11 slide to a new position, so she’d hafta do it again. Ack!

Eventually, we escaped and drove down to Cedar City, UT. Up Utah 14 into the mountains for a lovely campsite at about 8K feet. Gonna be another *cool* night. Lovely campsite. Too bad it turned out that it was nestled in a triple switchback of the highway and we hear road noise most of the night. 18-wheelers grinding up and 18-wheelers compression-braking down.

Vegas tomorrow.

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