Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 055

Roadtrip Day 055

9/1 Tuesday

Travel day. Vegas. What can I say?

We broke camp and drove up the highway a bit to see the scenery. Beautiful. But it was time to get on down the road, so we got back to the I-15 and pointed the nose of the car toward Las Vegas.

We stopped for gas at a place which also had a Popeye’s franchise. Ok, then. Luv dat chickin from Popeye’s. Spicy chicken and red beans and rice onboard and we continued on to Vegas. We changed time zones back to Pacific as we cruised into Vegas and began the search for the hotel, the Encore, a sister hotel with the Wynn. We’d been told that we needed special parking cuz we were towing the tent trailer so we eventually found their entry and asked the valet captain. He called *somebody* who led us to the limo lot. Parked and met Mary in the lobby.

Lafayette, nous sommes ici!

Mary led us to a glorious, extravagant room on the 61st floor with a full-wall view of “the strip” and beyond. Spacious and comfy. I immediately took advantage of the separate shower and tub in the capacious bathroom.

We went for a drink. Well, of course. Mary has the magic gambling touch and she won some money. We wandered the spacious gambling and shopping areas, lusting after all the name-brand goodies. I really could use a new watch and I saw a couple I liked, but $10K (or more) seems a *bit* much. For a watch. Ok, ok, I know there are people who pay ten times that for a watch but, c’mon!

After all that shopping, we needed dinner. Decided on a place which, well, it’s kind of American tapas or dim sum – choose and share several small plates of varietal things. The scallops were very nice. Drinks? Of course.

Full, we wandered a bit more. Then Ronnie and I lost some money while Mary won some more. We had another round of drinks and I gave up and went up to the room. Ronnie and Mary gambled longer. I watched some tv. First time in 54 days. The girls eventually returned and we closed the curtains on the neon night and slept.

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