Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 056

Roadtrip Day 056

9/2 Wednesday

Slept like a brick in an actual bed in an airconditioned room. Pretty nice. Opened the curtains to the Olympian view of the tiny insect mortals already cruising the strip in search of… I dunno. Something. Still a lovely view.

Late breakfast after a lazy morning getting started. I had eggs benedict. The cooks did a fine job on them. They were changing over to lunch service as we finished. We decided to hit the pool. Sitting in the shade was less hot than I feared and the pool was less cold than I feared. A little time in the water. A little time on my chaise, reading and ordering frosty drinks from leggy waitresses. Yes, waitresses. This is Vegas. They’re still trying to pretend it’s the 50s. No “servers” here.

4 pm and it’s back to the room for a long shower and a soak of my GoPro which I took to the pool. A little rest in the airco, maybe some more reading, then we’ll hafta think about what and where to eat dinner. Decisions, decisions.

We dressed and wandered the extensive and extravagant shops for a while, then settled on Italian-ish dinner. Oink! We all had fabulous dinners but we shared a wonderful appetizer of calamari fried with hot peppers. I loved that dish. Perfectly done calamari and the addition of the hot peppers made it supreme.

After dinner, we wandered some more. Mary played some slots and won some money. Eventually, we headed back to the room to try to digest all the wine we’d had.

Interesting peripheral note. We were planning to attend the Free to Be Unschooling Conference in Phoenix at the beginning of October. We talked to MJ while in Las Vegas and heard that she had just been invited to *speak* at Free to Be. AFAIK, she’s still in negotiation but it looks like we’ll be meeting with MJ at F2B and listening to her give a talk and moderate a coupla panels. She did a talk at the LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference last May and she was delightful. I guess the F2B folks heard it, or heard about it, and decided to offer her a speaking slot. This will be fun!

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