Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 057

Roadtrip Day 057

9/3 Thursday

Leaving Las Vegas. Our very own personal movie. Woke to find Ronnie already down at the pool swimming and having coffee. When Mary and I get ready, we’ll join her for breakfast. Then, we gotta pack and get outa here,

Another extravagant breakfast. Yum! I need a stomach pump. We casually packed and checked out after a last few moments enjoying the view from the 61st floor. We grabbed a shuttle to our car (remember, it was in the limo lot – Ha!) and loaded in our luggage plus Mary and her luggage. I switched the fridge from propane to 12V, reconnected the electrical umbilical to the car and we drove the strip to enjoy the sights.

A leisurely cruise along the strip, checking out the architecture and fantasy, then working our way to the airport to drop Mary for her flight.

Bye! And a huge thank you! It was a lovely and delightful visit.

From the airport, Ronnie and I got ourselves back onto the I-15 heading Northeast. We intended to camp *somewhere* in nature and somewhat higher in elevation to have cool nights. I drove for a while, then Ronnie took over. We decided to try for Bryce Canyon. As we left the interstate and started along secondary highways, we kept a lookout for cheap hotels or available campgrounds in case Bryce was full for the big holiday weekend.

Amusing anecdote. We stopped at a Subway at the meeting of two highways in the middle of nowhere. We walked into an empty store to order sandwiches and the woman working the counter started telling us what she didn’t have and how she’d been swamped and had no time to prep/restock. Ok. We got something to eat which was not quite what we wanted but it was something and continued our travels. Bryce or bust. Or back out to a nearby motel or something, anyway.

Finally arrived at around 7pm and celebrated to see that both campgrounds at Bryce had availability. Success! We cruised into the Sunset Campground and chose site 232. It’s a good one. (wink) Quick setup and early to bed. Tired.

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