Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 058

Roadtrip Day 058

9/4 Friday

Ah! A perfect night, cool but not freezing cold. Ronnie crawled out of bed to make tea and pancakes and she opened some curtains to a fabulous sunny morning. She opened a couple of clear zip-ups over the screen windows a bit to let in the slightly cool, refreshing morning breeze. Ok, I can handle this.

The park newspaper is well done and has a list of hikes with difficulty level noted. There’s a shuttle which runs all day for easy, free transportation. Lots and lots of fascinating geology to see.

We drove to a little store just outside the park to get some groceries. Man! Talk about price gouging. After we reentered the park, we realized that we could have gotten a bit less gouged at the general store near the Park Hotel. At least we grabbed some pizza-by-the-slice there for lunch. Stocked the fridge and read and rested the afternoon away. It’s 6pm now, and we’re having dinner in a brief downpour. Hooray for being inside.

I think it’ll be an early bedtime tonight.

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