Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 064

Roadtrip Day 064

9/10 Thursday

Travel day.

We had a quick breakfast and broke camp. Bye, Bryce Canyon, you were fascinating. We drove Utah Highway 14 which is a fascinating, beautiful drive. An incredible variety of scenery packed into a fairly short run.

Past Vegas and on to new territory - to California. In Barstow, we left the interstate for the state highway to Big Bear Lake. Finally left the desert and started climbing up the mountains toward BBL. Wow! What a steep climb. Many switchbacks with a posted speed limit of 15 mph. Endless climbing but that was taking us out of the 100+ degrees of desert driving to the temperate cool of higher altitudes.

Relying on our guidebook to cheap camping, we searched for what sounded like a lovely, quiet spot a *bit* out of the hustle-bustle of BBL itself. However a couple of miles up a rutted mud road, looking for a place 7 miles along there, we gave up when we came to a huge water hazard in the road. Knowing that rain was in the forecast, we didn’t wanna get stuck back of beyond so we turned back.

This involved having Ronnie, who was driving, back the trailer a good way down the narrow dirt road to get back to a wide spot where we could turn around and head down. She did a workmanlike job of it and soon enough we were heading back to the campground right at BBL. Happily, they had a site available for the long weekend. Price is on the higher end of our camping expenditures at $20/night but on the good side, that includes showers. Excellent.

Set up camp then drove into “downtown” BBL for food. Decided on a Mexican restaurant and watched Thursday Night Football. How civilized. After that it was back to camp to crash after a LONG day. I thought I was getting well but it came back into my upper respiratory and Ronnie did all of the work of takedown, setup, and most of the driving.

She’s a peach. A badass peach.

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