Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 065

Roadtrip Day 065

9/11 Friday

Temperatures here are lovely. Chilly enough, but not icky cold at night. I’m still kinda sick so my day has been reading and resting. Leftover Mexican food. A bah-humbug attitude. Lovely here, despite me. Saw a flight of two tilt-rotor aircraft cruising over the lake. That was cool.

Interesting mix of housing here. Some ordinary middle-class places, probably post-WWII vintage still sitting among the new “log-cabin” looking McMansions. 7K, 8K, 10K, who knows? square feet and lots of floor to tall-peaked-roof windows with lovely views of the lake for low-7-figure prices. Ok, maybe mid-7-figure prices.

Interesting contrast to the real estate signs we saw in the desert before we started up the mountains. Out there, you could get 20 acres for $15K.

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