Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrip Day 066

Roadtrip Day 066

9/12 Saturday

Thought I was all better but after waking my cough came back and my sinuses and throat were icky. Resting, watching movies, reading. Even I’m kinda bored with myself but I have zero energy to do anything.

Because we’ve usually only been able to get mediocre wifi, I’ve been somewhat casual (quick) when selecting books from the library; so I’ve gotten a few Tom-Clancy-type things. I wanna call ‘em “jingo porn” or something like that. Pretty vile stuff, disguised as good-vs-evil. I’ll bet somebody already has invented an appropriate name for this genre. I’ll look for it next time we have wifi. Meanwhile, it’s creepy to think that many Americans find this kind of pre-Biblical nasty violence more appealing than our Constitution or even their own Bible, which, at worst in the Old Testament, calls for an eye for an eye, not endless torture to ferret out a piece of information which *might* be *possibly* useful in their investigation. They’re the “bad guys”, i.e. not us; they deserve it.

I gotta be more selective in my selection process. I need to get back to writing my own violence porn but I just haven’t had the energy. Maybe tomorrow. The Roman army certainly believe in excessive response. (grin)

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