Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Roadtrip Day 069

Roadtrip Day 069

9/15 Tuesday

Ronnie went with Bill and the dogs to dog beach early. I had a shower and downloaded some e-books from the library. The girls woke about when Ronnie and the gang got back from dog beach.

Had some rain during the night and a big rainstorm now (lunchtime). Very pleasant. Talking about carne asada burritos from the little local stand then doing some New Orleans boiled shrimp dinner.

Deciding on what to do here with the girls. They have a couple of desires.

But not today. They walked the neighborhood, admired the canyon view, and we chatted. Shrimp on the stove. Dinner in just a bit. YUM! Rain again. Glad to be inside. Still comfortable temperatures, however.


  1. i guess you are technically into your 3rd month now. Do you have an end date or are you "On the Road" now ?

    Cool that Chloe and Casey have joined you. It is a year this week since Casey came to stay with us. We have super doopa fast WiFi and a log cabin now!

    I like how food is your punctuation for the day.

  2. Hi, Katie!

    Our trip is open-ended (money-dependent!). We are definitely on the road.

    It was nice to meet up with Chloe; we haven't seen her since early July. And Casey is like her conjoined twin. Always fun to see them together and enjoy the interactions and antics.

    One thing I do miss in our travelling is wifi. We only occasionally have it and then it's usually slow and spotty. Been nice at Ronnie's dad's house cuz he's a developer/programmer and has great electronics in his environment.

    Food is *always* a punctuation in our life. (grin) Even on those days when we've been hiking like crazy and are too tired to do anything but heat up a can of soup.