Saturday, September 26, 2015

Roadtrip Day 075

Roadtrip Day 075

9/21 Monday

Transition day. We’ll be leaving Lynn’s today to return to Bill’s. Later. Also having dinner with Jeff Sabo this evening. Another perfect day. Just a couple more here. The girls fly home Wednesday and we’ll be heading back to the wilderness(ish) from the posh civilization of the San Diego area. But that’s a coupla days from now. Meanwhile…

Beach touristing for the girls and then back to Bill’s. A little Popeye’s for lunch. Love dat chicken from Popeye’s.

Met Jeff for dinner at a Vietnamese place. Followed that with fro-yo. He had to get back to finish all the chores on his plate. We cruised back to Bill’s and the girls were ready to crash but Ronnie wanted (more) mango sticky rice from a nearby place so she and I went there. Unfortunately, they said it was only luch that they’d had it a coupla nights ago when Ronnie ate it and they had no good source of fresh mangos, so no mango sticky rice. We searched around for something else but eventually gave up and hit the sack ourselves.

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