Saturday, September 26, 2015

Roadtrip Day 079

Roadtrip Day 079

9/25 Friday

Ack! One of the monster Class A diesel pushers near us fired up and decided to depart at 6-something this AM. He took out a shrub and garbage can in his attempt.

And woke us up. Ronnie couldn’t get back to sleep at all. I tried for a coupla hours.

I think we are the only tent trailer in this swanky resort. Lotsa half-million-dollar Class As, Class Cs almost as big as the As, huge 5th wheels, and the occasional “dinky” trailer. And us. Last night was ok but as soon as the sun rose, it got warm. Ronnie is making tea and pancakes. After that, I think it’s pool time. Or a ride in the airconditioned car to the airconditioned grocery store.

The pool is very nice.

$2 margaritas at 4:30 happy hour. That was nice of them. Back to the trailer now. Thinking about dinner.

Spaghetti and a nice, cold Coke chased by a Milky Way. A walk around the Marina and waterfront park. Talked to some guys who said they’re catching yellowtails nowadays. Tropical fish in San Diego. Huh. Some reading and then bedtime. Lovely, cool evening.

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