Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 081

Roadtrip Day 081

9/27 Sunday

Travel day. Bye-bye, upscale, ocean-front campground.

Up the I-5 then out the I-8 East. Stopped in Alpine, the last little town before the turnoff to our intended campground, for lunch and groceries. A nice, big Albertsons provided us with everything we wanted and we continued on up to the campground near Laguna Lake, circa 5K feet, after our sea level existence of the last coupla weeks. Back to altitude,

Looking for the Lunar eclipse tonight. Hope we get a good view. Back to feeding ourselves in true camping style – boneless, skinless chicken thighs on the BBQ with just some Tony’s, rice and asparagus (separately, of course!) on the stovetop. A nice red wine (California, of course!) to wash it down. Even the Classical Romans knew about cooking asparagus. There’s a famous Latin saying about “faster than cooking asparagus” - Velocius quam asparagi coquantur. We both have decided that we are simple American peasants in our rice preference; we like long-grain white rice. Sure, we can eat brown, Basmati, etc; but white rice just tastes better, if we have a choice, which we do, so our last rice purchase was a big bag of long-grain white rice. Used to buy Mahatma brand when I was a kid in New Orleans. Wonder if they still make that.

Mint, dear? From the fridge? Why, yes. Thanks.

Parenthetical personal news, speaking of eating. I’m down to about 140# now. Feels really good to me but those damned purist BMI indices tell me I’m still in the overweight category. Really? Fine.

Tired tonight but I might get back to my legionaries tomorrow night. Tonight it’s the Eclipse Show.

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