Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 082

Roadtrip Day 082

9/28 Monday

Well, the Lunar eclipse was spectacular. The Moon didn’t rise above the mountains until the full dark phase but we got to watch the entire second half of the eclipse. Fabulous. While the Moon was dark, there were endless stars and a bright Milky Way. After the eclipse was done, there were far fewer stars visible to the naked eye and the Milky Way was very faint. We sat in our camp chairs, bundled in blankets and sleeping bags as the Moon brightened and the night chilled. Then a perfect cool night’s sleep.

Goodnight, Moon!

Delicious lemon pound cake with my sugary, lemonade-y tea for breakfast. Yum! Pound cake for breakfast reminds me of my mother who kept “special bread”, aka pound cake, in the freezer and often had a slice of special bread, a Coke, and a cigarette for breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, true confession: I used to put sugar in my orange juice when I was young. Later on, I took to mixing orange juice and Coke approximately half and half. My mother called this concoction “ditch water.” I still enjoy a nice glass of ditch water but I no longer put sugar in orange juice. Things fall apart, The center cannot hold. And tastes change.

Mom died from emphysema in 1990 and never got to meet MJ and Chloe. After 18 years of living with a chain smoker and also playing music in smoky New Orleans nightclubs, I’ve never wanted to smoke, not even dope. I don’t even really enjoy campfires, unless they’re very nonsmoky. And there are marshmallows. By the way we bought a bag at the grocery yesterday. Yum! Now all we need is a nice, nonsmoky campfire turning to lovely, lovely, marshmallow-toasting coals.

We’re gonna stay here through Wednesday morning. At that time, we’ll break camp and drive to Phoenix for the Free to Be Unschooling Conference. We’ll pick up MJ at PHX at about 8:30pm then check into the hotel UNDER HER NAME cuz her suite is comped because she’s a speaker at the conference. Ha! Sponging off our daughter! We’re moving into yet another phase of life.

It’s pleasant here. We’re in kind of a dell or small valley with moderate mountains all around. Lots of trees. Squirrels, birds, including hummingbirds, and a full chorus of insects to lull us to sleep at night. A sunny day today with sparse, high clouds. Very few neighbors and none close by. That’s nice for when “tick checks” get noisy.

We sat in the shade of the varietal trees to read the afternoon away and were entertained by the antics of the competitive squirrels. They knew that people tended to feed them and were looking to us for a handout. Squabbling, chasing each other for access to the stingy humans. Ha!

Leftover chicken from last night and I’m cooking the asparagus we didn’t use and some mashed potatoes. Don’t think I’ve done mashed potatoes yet the entire trip. Time for some. Good thing we restocked butter at our recent grocery trip.


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