Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 083

Roadtrip Day 083

9/29 Tuesday
What a perfect day. Sunny and temperate. We’re enjoying our quiet time here in these lovely, wooded surroundings with very pleasant temperatures. Tomorrow we’ll hit the road for Phoenix where the weather reports are for temps over 100. Glad we’ll be in an airconditioned hotel! Looking forward to seeing MJ. And a whole mess of old friends. It’ll be our first time at Free to Be but we’re seen comments from lots of folks we know who’ll be there. Going to an unschooling conference as parents of college kids – amusing.

Interesting aside. Ronnie is searching for directions to the YMCA where they practice kendo in Phoenix. The directions to get there start with our actual spot in the Shady Loop of this multi-loop, remote campground. Living in the future is so cool. Technology rocks. Now if only the sensei of Phoenix Kendo Kai would email me back to confirm that they do practice at the listed times and that it’s ok for me to join them. It should be. All member dojos of the AUSKF (All U.S. Kendo Federation) accept all other current members of AUSKF but it’s polite to talk to the head sensei first for form’s sake. I am a member of the Everett Kendo and Iaido Club of the PNKF (Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation) which is a member of the AUSKF. So I should be good to go.

I’ve missed hitting people with a yard-long stick while yelling at them. It’d be nice to get in some clobberin’ time in Phoenix. And I look so badass in my armor. (grin)

Aside from the usual squirrel activity today, the birds were out in force. Several jays adding an elegant blue to our lives and a red-headed woodpecker shining his brilliant red at us as he flitted around. It’s so peacefully bucolic here it’s gonna be hard to leave for busy, urban, populated activities. Pork chops on the grill, sautéed mushrooms with green onion, broccoli, and pasta on the stove. Dinner coming up.

Dinner going down. That was… satisfying.

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