Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 084

Roadtrip Day 084

9/30 Wednesday

Breakfast and breakdown. Of the campsite, that is. Got organized and on the road. A brief stop for ice, then East on the I-8 into Arizona. North on the 85. East on I-10. Onto I-17 and. Poof! like magic, here we are at the Embassy Suites. Checked in, parked the trailer, un hitched, parked the car, loaded all our crap into the room.

SHOWER! Scrubbed my mostly-black feet. Long shower. Felt really good. Now we’re off to pick up MJ from the airport.

Hooray! Successfully navigated to/from Phoenix Shyharbor. Went way the hell out somewhere to get MJ some McDonald’s. Back to the hotel now. Ready for sleep.

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