Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 088

Roadtrip Day 088

10/4 Sunday

10-4, good buddy and the 88 in our roadtrip has nothing to do with the stinking NAZIs. If you’re unaware, neo-Nazis use 88 as a subtle “Heil, Hitler!”cuz “H” is the 8th letter of the alphabet; so 88=HH for “Heil, Hitler.”

Diversity chat was a good thing. After that, I jumped in the car and went to Phoenix Kendo’s practice from 1-4. PHEW! Tired Frankie. Very nice to meet those folks. They were most welcoming and I had a fun practice with them. Rushed back to watch MJ host the Teen Panel, then rushed MJ to the airport. We’re gonna crash in her hotel room again tonight as she flies home. Thanks, baby.

Rock group performed after dinner. That was fun. Anecdote: one teen came around announcing the start of things. Someone asked “What kind of rock?”

He responded, “Classic rock.”

We asked for additional clarification. He said, “Well, ya know, like… Greenday.”

Yes, “classic rock” from my 50s. Not “the 50s” but my 6th decade, the years way back when I was in my 50s. (grin)

Then we sat around on the pleasantly cool patio and chatted with a delightful (and wickedly funny) bunch of friends – old and new.

Dead tired now. Bedtime.

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