Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 092

Roadtrip Day 092

10/8  Thursday

Good morning, Hovenweep. Cool night and now a sunny, pleasant day. Breakfast, then a hike to the Visitors’ Center to check in because it was all closed up when we arrived last night. No entry fee here anymore; there had been one on our previous visits. Camping is $5/night with my old-guy pass. $10/night for “regular” people.

Discovered that my lexicon is out of date. The dwellers of the Southwest from this period had been called “Anasazi” for most of the 20th century and I’ve always used that term for these people, especially to differentiate them from the earlier flint-knappers of various eras going back to 15K BC (BCE) and perhaps even as far back as 40K BC (BCE) which is now being posited because of recent discoveries.. IIRC, Anasazi is Navajo for “ancient enemy”. Now, it’s correct to refer to them as “ancestral Puebloans”. Personally, I’d prefer “Pueblan” to “Puebloan” but that’s me. I am happy, and agree, with the renaming from the somewhat negative “Anasazi”.

The structures in this valley are similar in age to Mesa Verde, circa 1200-1300AD. (or “CE” if you prefer.) There are approximately 10 structures remaining in the small canyon where the campground is. One loop trail of about 2 miles takes you to see all of these close up by looping the canyon rim, then descending into and climbing out of the canyon to complete the loop.

Tomorrow morning at 8 there’s a ranger-guided hike (and chat) to the petroglyphs down in the canyon. After the talk, you can continue to do the loop trail on your own. We’re thinking we might do that after spending much of today reorganizing the trailer and van. The sun is hot in the afternoon; an early hike would be mo’ bettah.

Full dinner which was nice after our previous two late, meagre evenings. I even had a piece of white cake from our last grocery trip for dessert. I love white cake. Tired now at 6:15 or maybe 7:15. Time changes are a PITA, especially since Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings. Ack! Anyway, bedtime soon. See ya tomorrow.

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