Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 093

Roadtrip Day 093

10/9 Friday

Sleep was too comfy to get up for the ranger-guided walk and talk. After breakfast we’ll go do the loop trail on our own.

So we did. Sun was bright but the breeze was pleasant. We did the loop trail counterclockwise to do the steep down-and-up into the canyon last. I really love the human scale of these ruins. So much smaller than Mesa Verde but so easy to imagine families living here. It is starkly beautiful up on the mesa and surprisingly lush down in the canyon bottom. The fragile soil here looks much healthier than it did in my memory of our last visit here a decade ago. I hope that’s a genuine reality rather than an artifact of the tremendous rain over the past week.

A delightful lunch of turkey and cheese sandwiches with some (nasty! –grin) greens on it while I write this post. That hits the spot after a brisk morning hike. Even now in the early afternoon, the breeze is pleasant. Very few others in the campground and the quiet is pervasive. You can hear the wind in the wings of the ravens as they swoop over, low and slow. Well, not *very* slow.  Very unlike the three old Cessna taildraggers who buzzed the campground the other day. Way too low and WAY too loud. I love planes, but, C’mon!, be legal and considerate, dudes.

Time now, I think, for an idyllic digestion afternoon. Some reading and perhaps even some writing to get those poor legionaries (and me) unstuck.

Took a walk around the campground at sunset. Beautiful sky. Last night was clear and the stars were magnificent. This evening there are scattered clouds and they were underlit with all those beautiful shades of red and orange and salmon and what-all. Simply beautiful.

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