Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 094

Roadtrip Day 094

10/10 Saturday

Heard the coyotes once last night. Not a disturbing sound. Rather peaceful, actually. Star party tonight at the Visitors’ Center. Let’s have breakfast and see what the day brings.

The quiet is what’s one of the attractions here. Sadly, today was The Day of Noisy Motherfuckers. Worst offenders were the assholes a few spots down who have 3 yappy dogs. Not only do they have them off leash, free to jump out at me when I walk past them to the bathroom but they also leave them alone in their trailer while they are off doing whatever and the dogs yap incessantly. Loudly and incessantly. Add to that, the fact that they have their sewer hose leading out to the open ground next to their campsite. That’s right. There are no sewer connections here. These assholes have simply led their sewer hose as far as it will stretch from their trailer and are letting it flow out onto the open ground. ACK!

Add to them the various arrivals who seem to be required to yell at each other at the top of their lungs for everything and my annoyed face gets more annoyed. Did I mention that the soil around here is fragile? Aside from the dipshits with their open sewer line, the folks pulling in near us, maybe 10 yards from the lovely bathrooms, featuring flush toilets, hand dryers, etc., are talking to their kid about just peeing behind the nearest bush.

I’m thinking about peeing on their car’s seats while they’re away.

I’d also like to feed those fucking yapper dogs to the coyotes and shit on the seats of those fuckers’ car. I refrained from punting the Chihuahua when it charged me this morning but, Damn!, I was tempted.

Aside from that sort of stuff, it was a perfectly lovely day here. Later afternoon now and it’ll be dinner, generator time, and star party on the evening’s menu.

And, milestone of milestones, I wrote a bit more than a thousand words in “The Lost Century.” They’ve repulsed the third attack from the nighthunters, one of their invalids has come out of his coma, and they’re waking to a new day when they’ll head to a new, safer, better location whence they can launch their own attack against the nighthunters. Things are looking (somewhat) up.

Update on the sewer dumpers. I whined to a ranger who was walking the campground in mufti with a beer (so not very *official*) and she stopped to talk with them. Casually. No more sewer line open to the desert. Star talk in an hour.


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