Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 095

Roadtrip Day 095

10/11 Sunday

The star talk was fun and I learned that Hovenweep is some kind of official “Dark Place”, one of very few in the world. We always said the night sky here was special and I guess now it’s official. Almost as dark as the sky when you’re offshore, a hundred miles or more away from everything that causes light pollution. Another interesting note, the campground was full last night. When we were here ten years ago, the rangers said they’d never filled up. Now they have.

Coyote serenade a coupla times last night. I kinda look forward to it now that we’ve gotten it every night. Petroglyph walk again early this morning. Ronnie’s alarm went off and we said, “Yes? No?” and then went back to sleep. Maybe someday we’ll see the petroglyphs.

The full campground is emptying out this morning and we’re looking forward to the delicious quiet of this campground that we’ve loved in the past.

The box of a dozen glazed canine testicles I got in Shiprock is getting toward stale but dipping one into my tea makes it mo bettah. Another perfect sunny day. Cloudless sky, sweeping vistas, purple mountains, lovely breeze… it doesn’t suck.

We spent the afternoon hiking the canyon trail to(ward) Holly House, another site of ruins, an 8-mile hike from Utah to Colorado. We didn’t go the entire distance but we enjoyed hiking the canyon bottom for about 4 miles. A little hot in the afternoon sunshine. Beautiful and quiet. The path down to the canyon bottom is steep and rugged with a couple of places with a long passage squeezing between stone formations. BMI over 25 beware. Or tall/large people even with a low BMI. Pretty damned narrow and steep. Coming up was distinctly tiring, especially after all that time hiking in the hot sun.

After the hike, we enjoyed turns under our SunShower, then sat in the shade drinking raspberry lemonade-tea, eating grapes, and reading our Kindles. Now it’s 4pm and genny time to repower everything. After genny time we’re thinking boneless, skinless chicken breasts on the grill, Brussel sprouts, and potato rounds sautéed in butter with shallots. Might even break out some red wine.

It’s been a pretty full and pleasant day. Hope the Seahawks won.

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