Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 096

Roadtrip Day 096

10/12 Monday
Travel day. Bye, Hovenweep, and thanks! Wiggled down to 4 corners and bought a few trinkets. I think we were on the Colorado side of the bazaar square when we made the purchase. (wink) Saw some beautiful pottery but the little ones were pushing $200 and the nice (and bigger) ones were… well, more. Then, on to Gail’s family property. Back on the U.S.64 through Shiprock, lunch and brief wifi in Farmington, to Bloomfield, then a turn South onto U.S. 550 to Nageezi and the turn to Gail’s property, 600+ acres a few miles West of Nageezi, which is just a skosh North of the turn to Chaco Culture National Park. Got the trailer set up, got out the portapotty, and now some genny time to charge my poor overused (and low-charge) laptop.

Side note: The pineapple-jalapeno chicken bits from Domino’s are yummy! A perfect road lunch. Genuine white chicken meat, cheese, pineapple chunks, and jalapeno slices, all baked to perfection – a delicious combination, IMO. Wash that shit down with a Barq’s and ease on down the road.

Thank you, Gail, for offering this. It’s peaceful and beautiful here. Sunset is highlighting the nearby buffs and it smells wonderful. Sage? We’re looking forward to a few lovely recharging days. Quiet. It’s what we’re both wanting and looking forward to.

Rain is forecast for Saturday with a very high percentage, so our plan as of now is to decamp on Friday. Getting stuck in the mud here or in the occasional waterway across the access road, which is soft soil now but which would be an impassable mudpit after rain, would be bad. And not very fun.

It’s the end of a perfect, sunny day. Predicted low tonight is 41(F). Time to switch from shorts to warm clothes and get those sleeping bags ready.

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