Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roadtrip Day 097

Roadtrip Day 097

10/13 Tuesday

Good morning! Two coyote serenades last night. They sounded close. Also sounded like a good-sized pack. Charming. Beautiful sunrise streaming soft light through the closed-up tent sides of our popup trailer. Chilly night which felt like it met the predicted 41(F) but the sun is warming things up quickly.

Met Melvin this AM who was fencing nearby – barbed wire not the Olympic sport of l’escrime. He’s Dine (Navajo) and we chatted a while about the locale and its history and that he knew Gail from way back when. Then we hiked over to the little cluster of mesas Northish of us.

Followed a small gully in the general direction of the mesas, mostly to avoid bushwacking cross-country. We got out our gaiters last night after we arrived and collected legs full of various kinds of stickers, so we wore those suckers for our hike today. Got to the mesas and saw the grave of Gail’s brother. Requiescas in pace, frater.

Contoured our way up onto the top and wandered around enjoying the majestic vistas. Contoured back down Eastish to go see the sheep station before squaring back to the tent trailer. On the way we saw a beautiful wild horse, dark with a white blaze. He galloped away when we got within 50 yards but now as I write this I can see him again about 75 yards North, near the fence line.

Back at the trailer, we destickered our gaiters and shed out hiking boots. Ahhhhh! Happy feet. Time to cool off and have some lunch. Ronnie made herself a frying pan of cut up leftover steak and pasta, with some fresh mushrooms, sautéed in butter, of course. And a little too much red pepper flakes. (grin) I was more in the mood for a simple hand-food snack and ate some sliced turkey, sharp cheddar cheese, and jalapeno potato chips.

Finishing now with some lemon oreo cookies. I like ‘em. Time for a digestion rest now. Talk atcha later.

Ronnie took an extra afternoon hike. I relaxed at the trailer. Winding down to dinnertime. Hot and sweet stirfry, I’m thinking. EVOO, Balsamic vinegar, sugar to cut the vinegar and make the “sweet”, and cayenne for the “hot.” Carrots, mushrooms, and shallots (green onions), with some leftover BBQ chicken breast. I sautéed the carrots first for a good while in my “broth” cuz we both dislike really hard carrots. Cut up baby carrots into fairly thin slices to speed the cooking process. Then the rest. Served over white rice. I’ve mentioned before that we both prefer long-grain white rice to other types. It was pretty good for something made out of stuff we had on hand.

Last of the golden light on the mesas now. Lovely. And now it’s gone. The Eastern sky is lavender and dark blue. The Western sky is a full horizon of those orangey-salmoney colors. Time to gather my nighttime clothes and change out of my shorts-and-T-shirt couture.

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