Saturday, October 17, 2015

Roadtrip Day 100

Roadtrip Day 100

10/16 Friday

Wow! 100 days. I feel like I should write something special. After breakfast, I had a shower. Now, *that* is special.

Last night was very comfy, not at all cold. Hooray! Very windy, however. Still kinda windy and overcast today but pleasant temps as the day progresses. We’re catching up on wif stuff. Posting to the blog(s), checking in on facebook, etc.

I’ve wanted to go see “The Martian” since it came out. Got too busy in Phoenix. I think I’ll catch it tonight in Roswell. Kind of appropriate with space-alien-themed nature of the town. Plus, it’s only $8 here. Half what it’d cost in Seattle.

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  1. Day 100! Over 3 months. Amazing.

    There are so many cool films coming out for Autumn I am keen to see Spectre and Pan and Hotel Transylvania 2

    Cosying for Autumn here.