Monday, October 19, 2015

Roadtrip Day 103

Roadtrip Day 103

10/19 Monday

Woke to a pleasant, sunny day to find our shoes gone. We usually leave our crocs outside the trailer at the door. Ronnie headed out for a shower this morning and – no shoes! Who’d steal a coupla pair of old crocs? Some animal, apparently. They were hidden in some nearby bushes with somebody else’s shoe and one of mine had poop in it. Ok, then. I guess we’ll be keeping our shoes inside the trailer here.

It’s lovely today and I’m gonna put shorts and a T-shirt in the car for later but I’m putting on heavy socks, jeans, a thermal shirt, and bringing a down pullover, knit hat, and fabric gloves. We’re going down, down, down, into Carlsbad Caverns! Leaving the campground after breakfast. I’ll write more this evening.

A fantastic, beautiful experience. We hiked down from the natural entrance and walked around the big room. Such incredible features. So bizarre to imagine the early explorers with their carbide headlamps, ropes, wooden ladders, etc. Brave people. Fascinating to see them reding the lighting system. Looks like LED fixtures going in. That’d be an improvement. I can’t imagine their constant battle to replace burned out bulbs. Tubes, whatever.

Back at camp, we both just kinda fell into bed and had a *little* rest. Phew! Guess that caving is more tiring than we thought. Lovely evening now with the half-moon on high and lightning strikes on the horizon, near the city of Carlsbad. Rain in the forecast but it ain’t here yet. Perfect evening. Light supper then back to bed. Yawn!

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