Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roadtrip Day 104

Roadtrip Day 104

10/20 Tuesday

Lightning on the horizon and a beautiful halfmoon in a dark sky last night. Big thunderheads building at dawn, exquisitely backlit by Homer’s (in)famous rhododactylos eos. Warm now with cloudy skies and darker threats on the weatherfront. Thunderheads to the East have dissipated. Rain is predicted; we’ll see what we get. Flashflood watch for some of New Mexico.

This is a very quiet campground. I like that. Bottomless Lake was so very full of very noisy large groups every night we were there. This is so much nicer. Seems like people go there to party and come here to rest. Quail run everywhere in groups and are very casual about getting off the road for cars. Jackrabbits are also in abundance and not very timid. Mostly desert scrub growth but a few gymnosperms and even a coupla angiosperms for height and shade.

We’re trying to decide which “special” (not open to the public and extra $$$) Carlsbad Caverns tour(s) we wanna sign up for. There are a couple which sound really interesting but they require an hour or more of crawling on your knees, so those two are out for me with my poor old bone-on-bone knees. I wish we could do them; they sound really fun. There are several others which we’re considering. We did the “Left-hand Tunnel” with the girls last time we were here. It was great but BTDT. One ranger said the “Lower Caverns” is her favorite. Down some flowstone using a knotted rope for stability, then down 50’ worth of ladders. Then you get to explore the lower caverns. Added note in their writeup: “Not recommended for anyone with a fear of enclosed spaces, heights, or darkness.”

Sounds good. (wink)

Slaughterhouse Canyon Cave also sounds interesting. Caravan to the site (I assume that would be Slaughterhouse Canyon), a steep climb to the cave entrance, then the exploration. The writeup warns: “The tour is slippery, muddy, and requires the ascent of a slope using a knotted rope.”

Again, sounds good. (grin)

And, of course, the bat exodus any (and every) evening. Magnificent.

Lunchtime. Slices of the chicken breast I BBQed the other day dipped in wasabi sauce (kinda like the chicken version of the way I eat Chinese BBQ pork), Tillamook extra sharp cheddar, and a Coke with fresh lime added. I thought about adding rum, too, but for whatever silly reason decided against. I might have some Tim’s jalapeno potato chips with this, too. Yum. Wasabi makes everything better. And jalapeno doesn’t suck. Sunny and beautiful with only scattered clouds. I know the rain is somewhere but it ain’t here.

Windy tonight. I was in a mood for visual entertainment so I plugged in the first disc of “firefly” and watched the first three episodes. Getting toward bedtime now.

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