Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roadtrip Day 105

Roadtrip Day 105

10/21 Wednesday

Good morning, grey skies. We did get (a little) rain last night and today is universal, lowering grey skies and “damp.” Feels rainy although it isn’t actually. It’s a bit cooler than usual but still very pleasant. It’s 9 AM but there’s one owl who’s still awake, eternally questioning. Severe thunderstorm warning just North of here, 2” hail, 60MPH wind gusts, and tornado warning. Eek! But it seems to start North of here and it’s moving Northeast. Stay there. Ok?

Ronnie reminds me that it’s “Back to the Future” day. Where’s my flying car conversion?!?!?!? The theater in Carlsbad (city) is NOT showing any individual movie, much less the full trilogy. Well, bah, humbug. Maybe we should drive to El Paso for the day. I’m sure *some* theater there is doing the honors.

The sun tried to come out briefly this afternoon but I guess it was overcome by shyness and retreated behind the horizon-to-horizon cloud sea. Now, with evening approaching, we’re getting a little rain.

Hoo-boy! HUGE thunderstorm this evening. Lessening now but it was significant and went on for a good, long while. Time to snuggle up and get some sleep.

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