Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roadtrip Day 106

Roadtrip Day 106

10/22 Thursday

Last night was quite the doozy. (Or deusie, if you like to think of that expression being based on the exquisite Deusenberg automobile.) Huge, long-lasting thunderstorms –lotsa lightning, lotsa thunder, big winds – for a LONG time. We were shimmying and shaking. The lake is significantly higher. This morning, in contrast, is sunny, warm, and beautiful. Only scattered clouds in a freshly-washed blue sky.

Oh, Ronnie tells me that the Seahawks are on Thursday Night Football, so we’re thinking about going into Carlsbad (city) to someplace sports-bar-ish to watch the game – Chili’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, or…? Trying some local place would be fun.

We made tasty grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch with Tillamook extra-sharp cheddar. I put some wasabi on mine; that made it even better. Getting to be time to restock our butter now; I used a lot making those grilled cheeses. (grin)

Go, Seahawks! We drove into town and got a table at Chili’s. Before you berate me for my pedestrian taste, lemme explain that we had a gift card. Free is good and suits our budget to a “T”. It was actually a lovely date night, the food was fine, the drinks were good, and the waitress was a sweetheart about letting us have a S-L-O-W meal which lasted the entire game. Yes, we left her a fat tip. And the ‘hawks won. W00t!

Back to the campsite at 10PM and I’m ready to crash. Sheet lightning on the horizon but 65 (F) and half-moon clear skies overhead.

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