Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roadtrip Day 107

Roadtrip Day 107

10/23 Friday

Another lovely day, although the threat of rain continues in the forecast for the area. We’ve decided to stay here through Sunday morning, so Sunday will be a travel day. I’m thinking that by Sunday I’ll have my legionaries settled into their new site and ready to make their massive, genocidal, joli-rouge attack against the “vampires.” Hmmmm, if I keep up a decent writing pace, I might finish by NaNoWriMo (November). It’d be amusing to use NaNoWriMo as a month for my first (ever) editing pass on this effort rather than speed-writing with no editing, especially because I started this novel as a NaNoWriMo effort in 2010 to force myself to write without editing – any kind of editing, even the most minimal – and finished the first 18K words then.

Lunchtime and I have indeed finished chapter 13 (Chapter 13. Preparation Is the Key But to What Lock?). The legionaries have arrived safely at their new location as the day draws to a close and are getting ready for their fourth night since the big battle in chapter 1 where they got reduced to a single squad from their full century. What will this night bring? Bwahahaha! Only chapter 14 will tell. Chapter 14. Hide and Seek.

Hmmm, sounds ominous. Happily, my outline only calls for 17 chapters plus an epilogue, which is already completed. I’m gonna try to write 1K words/day from now until I’m done. That’d make for a nominal 16 days to completion based on my guesstimate of what’s coming up, not quite the beginning of November but not too far into the month. Of course, then comes the horribly daunting task of editing this sow’s ear into a Gucci handbag. Or, at least, a decent Target wallet. Compared to many (most) people I know who are writing, I am S-L-O-W. Even when I’m trying to write “quickly” with no editing, no going back over it, it takes me almost two hours to write 500 words; so that’s an idea of my writing pace.

Some grey clouds obscured part of the afternoon but the sun returned to finish out the day here. Ra is descending now and the mantle of darkness is preparing to cover the earth. Must be getting to be dinnertime. Let’s see what’s in the larder. We’re getting low on food supplies. Time for a grocery trip tomorrow, I’m thinking.

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