Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roadtrip Day 109

Roadtrip Day 109

10/25 Sunday
Good morning, Dawn Patrol. Errol Flynn had the boys up at oh-dark-thirty to prep their crates for an attack against the German lines. Sounded like the mechanics were hard at work pounding metal into submission for a long time getting the craft ready for the flyboys. After a while, the pounding was done and those dashing old retirees cranked up their engines. Sounded a lot like radials, original, unmuffled aircraft radials, not Wankels.

After their typical overly-long warmup period, they powered up and headed into battle. Good luck, you decrepit old bastards, heading out to face the enemy on that freeway in the sky. Or the one in Southeastern New Mexico, anyway.

Damn!, I am not a morning person. Getting prepped and on the road before the sun is fully above the horizon is just… Shudder! The exodus continued as the later waves headed into metal-to-metal combat. I gave in and got up around 8:30. *We* will be on the road before noon. Probably. Ronnie found me some more of that local, full-fat chocolate milk – Price’s TruMoo. Yum! That and donuts makes for the perfect breakfast of champions. Yeah, it’d be better if it were Brown’s Velvet full-fat chocolate milk and French Quarter donuts, aka beignets, from CafĂ© du Monde but we ain’t in New Orleans, so I gotta make do.

Chilly last night and this morning but the sun is bright and it’s warming quickly. Man!, that bat exodus was spectacular. Ah well, time to pack up and roll. Alamagordo and White Sands, here we come.

Not a terribly long drive and a very impressive one coming out of the mountains into Alamagordo. Beautiful vista. From the first view of the area as we descended from the pass, we thought there was a low cloud cover over part of the land in the distance. Eventually, we realized it was the White Sands area. Hoo-boy! We’re camped at Oliver Lee State Park just South of Alamagordo. We stayed here once upon a time in the past with the girls. Ronnie remembers it well; I kinda do. Lovely cacti, ocotillo, and assorted scrub and shrubs all around us. A nearby camper said hello and watch for snakes. Ok, we will.

We’re nestled up against mountains to the East and there’s a wide valley (White Sands in the distance) leading to a mountain range West of us. Sunset is gonna be pretty.

Had some leftover BBQ for dinner and a little butterscotch pudding to settle it down. I might write a little but I think it’s gonna be a fairly early night for this momma’s boy.

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