Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roadtrip Day 110

Roadtrip Day 110

10/26 Monday

This morning is as beautiful as yesterday. Marvelous scenery all around and sunny blue skies with just a few clouds on the far horizon. Let’s see what mischief we can get into today.

We had PG Tips for tea this morning cuz we found some at the Carlsbad Albertsons. $10 for 80 is not as good a deal as that $1 for 100 box we found in Wherever, Nowhere, but even I, nowhere close to being a tea connoisseur, can taste the difference. I think.

Ha! I met a sweet, sweet dog today. As I was walking back to our campsite from the bathroom, this beautiful mid-sized dog that looked mostly like an Australian shepherd came RUNNING up to me wiggling and nuzzling and whining, desperate to be petted. She was dragging a leash, so I figured she’d just gotten away from her owner(s) on a walk and they’d soon come along.

The dog continued to attack me with love, pathetic for attention. When Ronnie stepped out of the trailer to see what was up, she (the dog, not Ronnie) was so excited she peed herself. We petted her for quite a while and she calmed a little bit but continued whining piteously with happiness at being with someone. Eventually, she calmed enough that we could take her for a walk up the road to look for her owner. We hadn’t gotten too far when her mom met us with thanks. The dog had been out for a walk with a 4-year-old kid and when a rabbit appeared in the bush nearby…ZOOM! Kid on his/her face, dog on the loose.

Now that we were down the road a short way from our site, we heard the kid crying back at their campsite. So, we said goodbye and mom and dog headed back to comfort the crying kid. You know the appropriate Shakespeare quote that goes here.

Getting on toward evening now and we’re running the genny. My poor little laptop needs it. I’ve added 5 pages to chapter 14 since my last full charge and my battery is tired. Getting repowered now. Hooray! Let’s see what those wacky legionaries are up to.


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