Monday, November 02, 2015

Roadtrip Day 111

Roadtrip Day 111

10/27 Tuesday

Pleasant night and an all-blue-sky morning. Chocolate milk and donuts to get my motor started. The air is so fresh and refreshing. Color me invigorated. And donutted and choco-fied. Perhaps a visit to White Sands today.

White Sands was as I remembered it. The sand is so fine and granular it remains cool even when the sun is blazing down on it. It reminds me of our time in Destin, the sand on that part of the Florida coast is the same way. It can be over 90 but the sand is still bright white and cool.

We were here a decade or so ago and we let MJ drive the car on the sand “roads” after the end of the pavement. Memories. Today Ronnie and I walked the dunes with the temp in the high 70s and the sand as cool and refreshing as always. Ronnie explored more dune area than I and tried sledding with a ThermaRest but it didn’t work very well.

We did a little hike out from the road on an official trail and enjoyed their informative signs. When we were done, we headed into Alamagordo to use the library for free (and fast!) wifi. I uploaded recent roadtrip blogposts, check in on Facebook, and got 10 new books from my library.

Pretty late when we got back to camp so we whipped up a quick dinner of leftover pasta and chicken in the skillet with some fresh shallots with a side of freshly-cooked broccoli. Tasty enuf.


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