Monday, November 02, 2015

Roadtrip Day 112

Roadtrip Day 112

10/28 Wednesday

Windy night last night and overcast this morning. It’s burning off now and promises to be a sunny day. Mostly. I dunno how Ronnie’s feeling this morning but I’m feeling like having a lazy, LAZY day. We’ll see.

Predicted high today is only 72. Brrr! And mostly overcast. Think I need some hot lunch instead of just a sandwich or something. (wink)

We had a nice afternoon hike along the riparian trail from the Visitors’ Center. I followed that with a shower. Sadly, the water in the showers here is not hot. Tepid, at best. Very disappointing fro me cuz I like it HOT.

Getting towards sunset now. Time to think about starting some dinner. The sun is brighter now than it’s been all day.

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