Monday, November 02, 2015

Roadtrip Day 113

Roadtrip Day 113

10/29 Thursday

A little drizzle last night and overcast and cool this AM. Some sun after breakfast then a little drizzle now just overcast but with a HUGE black front looming and working its way here. Ronnie and I were talking about a hike up the canyon but not if it’s gonna rain, and LIGHTNING, on us while we’re exposed up there. We’ll see aht this big, black front does.

Fascinating. We can now see the rain kicking up dust from the plains a mile or so from us. Heading this way behind the wind gusts which are already plucking at our tent fabric. I think we’re in for an exciting midday.

Grey is getting closer and the wind is gusting. Thunderstorm party in the tent trailer. And here’s the beginning of the rain. Visibility is down to 50 yards.

Fun. The first wave of the storm has passed now and visibility is back to several miles but the next wave of clouds is moving this way behind the one that just passed.

Wave after wave. It’s a nice afternoon to be inside, drinking warm beverages with a good book. Not much lightning and the rain isn’t heavy but it’s consistent.


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